Art by Scott Finch

Last night, Beau and I and one of our best friends, Ryan attended an art show in Baton Rouge featuring several local artists including our friend, Scott Finch. Okay, let me see if I can get this...Scott is the husband of my friend/boss/former landlord, Angela Finch. Not only is Scott incredibly talented as an artist, but the both of two of them together are an incredibly sweet, genuine, and fun couple!

This was the first art show/viewing we had been to in Baton Rouge, and we had a great time! We love finding new things to do without having to leave the city or state. It was completely free and had several food and beverage options...could you ask for anything else? It was hosted at the Baton Rouge Art Gallery, and I think I remember someone saying this event goes on once a month - although I believe they artists that are featured vary. Regardless, we had a great time, and I hope you love the pictures we took of his art.

If you have any questions about Scott or his art, please email us at TheMendedNest@gmail.com!

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  1. Thanks for coming. It meant a lot to have you guys there.