Around-the-House Shower (Elizabeth and Miles)

Beau and I we're invited to help celebrate our friend/old roommate, Elizabeth and her fiancée, Miles' engagement by attending their "around the house" shower this past Saturday. Did that make sense? Either way, we had so much fun! Both Elizabeth and Miles are such wonderful people as well as their family and friends, and we couldn't have felt more at home - if our home was a BEAUTIFUL home on a perfect street in the middle of one of the most desirable parts of Baton Rouge. Seriously - this house was a dream come true for us. Clean, crisp, comfortable, and chic. What more can I say?

The house offered both inside and patio seating, food, and drinks, so we were never more than a few steps away from another glass of wine! With somewhat cooler Louisiana evenings, Beau and I spent the majority of the night outside, engaging in hilarious conversations surrounded by welcoming, friendly company. Elizabeth's family and Beau go way back, so we had a wonderful time catching up with them, sharing old (and hilarious) stories. Especially after that night, we are REALLY looking forward to the wedding!

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