Love White

Chartreuse, brown, tan - we've HAD some towel colors over the years. It's one of those things where at the time (especially in the store) the colors look great, but after a while of use, just looking at the color irks you. Not only that, but Beau and I, in an attempt to be fiscally responsible, would go for a cheaper towel option. The problem is that they would lose their softness after a year worth of washing and drying.

This is why Beau and I decided to purchase a set of the Pottery Barn Classic towels...in stark white of course! The goal is to keep these towels for a while. It's obvious how much of a better quality these are compared to a standard towel from BB&B, so I'm assuming/hoping that they'll last that much longer. We chose the white for two main reasons: 1. We think white look great in a bathroom by keeping things clean, simple, and neat. 2. In two years, we won't be tired of the color we chose...because there's no color.

So far so good. If you're in need of towels, we would totally recommend these. They're a little pricier, but totally worth it! Happy Friday!

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