Hangover, Party for two

Last night, Beau and I attended the Avenue Rouge Fashion Show put on by 225 Magazine and InRegister - 2 of the magazines that Beau works for. It was so much fun, and I'm going to dedicate a whole post to it next week. However, let me just say this one thing: OPEN BAR. After enjoying the night with a million a few glasses of wine, Beau and I are completely feeling it this morning. So what the best hangover cure? FOOD!

Not a whole wheat bagel. Not a salad. I need a big, greasy, fattening burger STAT. Since I haven't been to a fast food restaurant in years, I refuse to start now. So what to do...? Fat Cow Burgers in Baton Rouge is a truly amazing (and literally instant) hangover cure, and since they're open at 10:30a.m., I don't have to wait to long in this misery.

Their burger menu is nothing short of marvelous, with options ranging from burgers with foie gras and truffle oil (Hundred Dollar Burger) to a good 'ole Bacon Cheeseburger (shown above). One of my favorite parts of the menu are the duck fat and parmesan fries (above). Do I really need to explain. I strongly suggest you check out the menu, and if you're in the Baton Rouge area, you DEFINITELY need to stop by. It's a really cool, unique eatery, with an open kitchen, swanky interior, and even has the option for patio dining. Note: there's no server - you just order at a counter, so you can be in and out fairly quickly if need be. It's my favorite hangover cure!

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