Paint Can Present

Since we've been talking about weddings, engagement parties, and showers, I'd like to share another (more unique) gift idea for when you're getting presents for these occasions. Certainly, I cannot take credit for this - I got the idea from my Aunt Jamie, but basically what you do is get a blank paint can and use it rather than a wrapped box for a present. Please don't grab an old, used paint can out of your garage with your old house paint colors. Or if it has rust - no rust, please. Also, I would go as far to say that the paint can is not enough by itself, so wrap a ribbon or raffia around it. Then you're done!

What I loved about the one I received (pictures above) is the tissue paper on the inside. I LOVE that shade of blue - it really complimented the shiny metal paint can. Even the little ceramic birdie salt and pepper shakers seemed to match the whole ensemble. Definitely try this out next time you're giving a present! The one here is just a quart size, and it was perfect - I don't know how a full gallon would look, but check it out and let me know!

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