Black and White

This weekend, we took on a major (and very necessary) house project: pressure washing the entire exterior. In theory, our house was white white with black shutters when we bought it, but in reality, it was more of an off white thanks to years of pollen and dirt build up. I'm exaggerating, but it DID need to be cleaned (or repainted) regardless. Since we don't have the money to throw at some painters (and we certainly weren't going to do it ourselves) we decided that pressure washing was the best temporary solution.

Just like painting the whole interior of a house, I am never pressure washing my house again! It was the biggest pain - partially because we only have ONE hose hookup. My process was as follows: Screw the hose into the sprayer that contained a bleach-based formula to clean the house. Spray the house. Walk back to the faucet and turn the hose off. Walk back to the hose and take that attachment off (and get sprayed in the face with the extra water). Screw the hose into the pressure washer. Walk BACK to the hose to turn it on. Walk back to the pressure washer and clean that ONE part of the house. Then walk back to the hose, turn it off. Walk back to the pressure washer and unscrew the hose (and get sprayed in the face again). Screw the hose back into the bleach mixture and repeat...over and over and over. Special.

I'm glad we did it, though because it looks to much better! It's definitely not as nice as a fresh coat of paint, but Beau and I are satisfied knowing that our house is at LEAST clean. Now we can honestly say "We're on Capital Heights, right past Florence on the right. It's the white house with the black shutters".

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