Cali Trip - Antiquing

LA is great for many things, but one of my favorite parts of the city is the plethora of vintage clothing and furniture. Our friend, Trent (the guy with whom we stayed) is a buyer for an antique store called Vintage Tini, and that happened to be our first stop upon arrival (pics above). This was more of an upscale antique store where many of the pieces carried a hefty price tag. However, the store had some interesting and fresh pieces. Honestly, it's probably best this store is thousands of miles away from me...and my wallet.

The very last day of our trip, before we headed to the airport to catch our 6p.m. flight, Trent took us to an outdoor flea market - one of the places he utilizes to find furniture and other miscellaneous items for Vintage Tini. This was right up our alley because not only did we get to enjoy the magnificent California weather, but the market was filled with funky, vintage, one-of-a-kind things. Even better - there was a little outdoor food stations including a burrito stand and crepe stand.


All I can say is that next time, I'm going back with an extra suitcase. I had to pass up WAY to many amazing deals. Ugh!

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