Gift Ideas: Olive Bowls

Sunday afternoon, Beau and I attended a "couples shower" for one of my oldest and closest friends, Amanda and her fiance, Luke. Our families have known each other for years (in fact, her mom taught me in pre-k), and when we all get together we have so much fun! It was held at Pinetta's in Baton Rouge - my FAVORITE Italian/European restaurant in the area - because her aunt, Dianne is the owner. Since it was a serve-yourself kind of party (in terms of food), there wasn't much food that the restaurant normally serves, but it was delicious none-the-less!

However, what I want to focus on for this post is not the food (shocking, I know), but rather gift ideas for the next shower or house warming party you'll be attending. The idea behind this shower was to bring gifts related to making them the perfect hosts, and everyone was supposed to also write down a recipe to go along with the gift. Although my recipe for a Rosemary Chicken Salad doesn't coordinate with ceramic bowls for olives and the pits, I COULDN'T pass them up...for a second time.

A few weeks ago, I was shopping in Pottery Barn for an engagement party gift and I ran across these little ceramic bowls and I fell in love! I think they're so cute and completely my style. So, when I got the invitation for Amanda's party, I rushed out and bought the same exact thing. I'm kind of obsessed, and so mad at myself because I got the last set from the store for Amanda! Online shopping...here I come! They're PERFECT for entertaining - how much better does this look than eating olives out of a jar and having to look at the pits on a plate?! Yuck.