Wedding Night - Elizabeth and Miles

Wedding pics are here! Doesn't it look stunning? I didn't get too many photos from the actual ceremony because I didn't want to turn my flash on, but you can still get a great idea of how beautiful it was. Both the wedding and reception were held at Latrobe's in the French Quarter in New Orleans. It felt just like a movie - Beau and I were practically running to the ceremony through the French Quarter in suits, making it there just in time!

After the ceremony, we all joined in, waving our handkerchiefs, for a 2nd line around the quarter while the reception was being set up. Have you ever been in one? They're SO MUCH fun. Speaking of the reception...talk about well done! The food, drinks, band, and location were all topnotch. (I even had to undo my top button!)

The last picture (my favorite) that you see is from when the bride and groom were leaving the reception on their way to the honeymoon. We all formed a aisle for them to walk through and held sparklers out as they passed. If you've never seen this, you're missing out. It created such a magical and special exit for the new couple.


  1. Beau and Matthew

    You were amazing in desiging all of Elizabeth and Miles' items for their weding. It was so perfect and you deserve so much credit for that. If anyone needs a reference for you ... just call me. And thanks for sharing the weding with us!

    Love you, Cindy

  2. Oh thank you! We were so happy to do it. Hopefully see you soon!

    Much Love,
    Matthew and Beau