...As Seen on HGTV

Does this house look familiar? It should if you're a true HGTV fan! A few months ago, Beau's cousin, Taylor and his family were featured on the popular HGTV show, House Hunters as they were in search of a "Getaway Home" in New Orleans. #mustbenice.

Well, this is the house on Magazine St. I keep mentioning when I post about our New Orleans weekends. More often than not, it's where we sleep when we're down there. It's beautiful - located right in the Garden District/Uptown (I can't REALLY tell the difference) on Magazine St., I can't tell which part I like better: the house or the neighborhood.

With it's 100ft. ceilings (seriously - they're so high), original hardwood floors, and stunning windows, this house is incredible to be in. I just feel so fancy. Furthermore, Taylor and his mom, Kim have done a great job decorating, if I do say so myself. My favorite parts: the pops of color. Generally, I'm afraid of color, so maybe I should be taking notes? Best part (and this has totally happened - no lie) people will stop you as you're coming out/walking in and say, "OMG - is this the house from House Hunters?". How cool is that?!

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