Men's Fashion - Spring into 2012

At least in Louisiana where it's consistently 75 degrees outside (don't be jealous - the humidity is killer), Spring is here! It's time to start putting those pea coats and NorthFaces in the back closet and bust out the warm-weather-wear!
NOTE: this is a more casual look - I wouldn't recommend rolling up to the office for your important meeting in this attire.

Let's start at the top. Since it's still moderately cool, layering is still completely appropriate...just make sure you're doing it with lighter materials. My favorite look is a casual tee from J.Crew, Gap, or American Apparel with a lightweight button up over it (try the "Secret Wash shirts from J.Crew - they're awesome!). In this case, I chose a solid tee to go underneath the button up, but feel free to mix patterns and have a little fun with it. Just make sure that the overall look matched and makes sense. The best part of layering: you can still hide that winter weight you haven't finished shedding.

Jeans: Your choice here will totally change your overall look.
Option 1: For hanging out with friends, grabbing a quick casual lunch, or spending the weekend at your modest Hamptons estate, I'd go with a lighter wash, somewhat distressed (I'm NOT talking A&F circa 2003) skinny jean. My go-to pair are my Levi's 520 tapered fit jeans. Not too tight, and great for cuffing. OH!...make sure to cuff the legs
Option 2: Try a dark, simple, vintage slim fit jean. Make sure they're not too tight; it'll throw the whole look off. This dresses up the look making it perfect for a Casual-Friday-then-off-to-after-work-drinks transition.

Shoes: A lot of styles will work with this outfit. Tom's, Chucks, casual loafers, chukka boots (better for evening), and most casual (not athletic) sneakers will all look great.

Accessories: Starting with sunglasses, keep it simple and casual with either the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers, Aviators, or Clubmasters. Guys (especially in Louisiana, please leave your Costas at home for this one. And finally watches: I would go with something simple and effortless. You wouldn't want to drag this Spring-time look down with a big, heavy, modern watch. Try a lightweight vintage Timex. (Especially one's where you can change out the band!)

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