Annie Sloan Desk - BEFORE


I apologize for not posting yesterday. The St. Patty's day weekend got the best of me, and there was no way I was getting up before absolutely necessary yesterday morning. Now - on to the good stuff...

This is an office desk that my good friend/sort of business partner, Chad picked up from just outside Baton Rouge. It's a solid oak desk that was trapped in the early 90's. It just needed (the furniture equivalent of) a little Juvederm® and Botox®, so a
s soon as he brought it over I got to work. I decided to use my favorite color for the majority of the desk - Annie Sloan's Versailles. Then, instead of making a border around the top like I've done for previous pieces, I decided to to a diamond pattern. I think I got a little lucky because I really only measured the middle diamond, and it just so happened that the outside two fit perfectly. 

So this is the paint BEFORE the waxing. I'll post the final product tomorrow (as soon as I finish it). Get excited though - it's looking GREAT so far!

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