Custom Stationary - Adrienne

It's FRIDAY! I cannot wait for this afternoon; Beau and I are heading down to New Orleans for the weekend to attend out friends', Elizabeth and Miles wedding. We'll be posting about it next week - not only will be wedding be beautiful, but Beau designed all the paper for it!

Speaking of paper...this is an example of The Mended Nest's custom stationary. A wonderful woman (obviously named Adrienne) approached us about creating some simple custom all-purpose stationary. After discussion and different options, this is what Adrienne finally chose: Her name coupled with a custom artichoke. Simple and classic - I love it! It's hard to tell by the pictures, but Adrienne went with an elegant and "heavy" off-white linen paper. The design is tasteful, but the paper really helps bring it to life.

Let us create YOUR custom stationary! We can do everything from small children's designs making it as wacky and fun as possible OR something more suitable for adults. If you're interested, email us at TheMendedNest.com!

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