Friday Finds - The Creole Creamery

The Creole Creamery! I have to tell you, this hit the spot as we were in New Orleans just finishing up the best fried chicken in the city...according to the Food Network. (sound weird, but I'll explain in a later Friday Finds post) We visited the Uptown location of The Creole Creamery since Taylor lived right around the corner (and we were staying there).

I loved this place. It was typical New Orleans - kind of hole in the wall, nothing too fancy, cash only, and totally delicious. Per suggestion, I got the flavor, Nectar...something-or-other. It was sweet, simple, with a very mild flavor. On the other hand, I also tasted the flavor, Red Velvet Cake. Holy Sh Moly!! with chunks of REAL red velvet cake, it was bold and exciting. I was in heaven.

Check the out. Scroll across the this to check out their website!

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