Home Office Storage

If you're anything like me, your mail piles up for a week, you leave stuff all over the place, and "organization" is something you heard about SOMEwhere...I think some movie, right? Hopefully you have someone like Beau who is there to put everything in it's place and come up with creative solutions for all the clutter.

Because of our work with designing invites, stationary, etc, we have so much stuff on the topic: paper sample books, inspiration pieces, magazines, and examples from our work to show clients. To keep all of this straight, Beau bought this cool hanging organizer that is perfect for holding/displaying everything. I love it for a few reasons. 1) Everything is easy to see b/c it's open baskets. 2) The long, vertical shape if perfect for the awkward wall space between two windows 3) It's easy to pull off the wall if I ever need to take it somewhere.

To make it more unique and DIYish, Beau made little tags and using The Mended Nest Font, printed out the different sections' names: Paper Samples, Inspiration, Invitations, and Miscellaneous. Then he attached them to the organizer using wire. Simple. Easy. Cheap.

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