Superior Sundays

Happy MLK Day! I hope everyone had a chance to take the day off from work, and enjoy what will hopefully be a gorgeous January day. If it stays warm like it is, I'm thinking mint juleps on the porch this evening...

Yesterday, we were invited (along with several of our other friends) to have brunch at Superior Grill. If you've never heard of it, you may be surprised to know it's actually a Mexican restaurant. Based on the name, you'd think it would be an all-American burger type place. Speaking of burgers...they, hands down, have THE best burger in Baton Rouge...at least in my opinion, and that's exactly what I had. May sound a little weird, but since it WAS brunch, I paired it with a couple of Bloody Marys...and then a couple of mimosas for dessert. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures - I told myself I wan't going to be weird (this time) and ring my camera into the restaurant. NEVER AGAIN!

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