DIY Office Storage Creative Solutions (Part 2)

Last week, we showed you another creative storage idea for your home office and I'm happy to announce that part 2 is here! Since starting The Mended Nest, we've found ourselves doing a lot more gift wrapping - often times for merchandise that we're delivering. When we started the process of turning our guest bedroom into an office, we tried to think of more efficient ways of storing all the wrapping supplies we need...rather than keeping everything in a box on the floor.

Just like the last project, this was totally Beau's idea, so I didn't actually make it. However, I'll try my best to explain the process.

1. Paint two pieces of wood (equal in size) white (or whatever color you want for your office). Screw these into the wall. These will act as the frame for the whole thing. Make sure to measure! You dont want to put them too far apart to where the rods won't reach both ends.

2. Drill the eye hole screws into the wood. Make sure you're drilling them at the same height for each...unless you prefer ugly and lopsided rods

3. Slide the wrapping paper, ribbon, etc., onto the rods (before hanging the rods)

4. Hang the rods up by the eye hole screws

Just think: this will come in handy especially during Christmas!  


  1. Yep. I hate y'all. (And I'm so doing this.)

  2. We'll help...IF YOU HAVE US OVER! :)