Mended Furniture - Bedroom Dresser

Happy Tuesday! Today will be my first day back at work since Christmas, and I don't think I could be any more sad. I just want to lay in bed with the danes and do nothing all day! Unfortunately, there's that thing called reality or whatever...

Beau and I picked up the dresser above (along with another one) after contacting someone on Craigslist. True story - when we picked them up and took the drawers off to start cleaning, one of them had a...soiled pair of ladies underwear. Eww! So after Cloroxing the whole thing, I began work on reviving the dresser. When I picked it up, it was almost like a particleboard brown color. Not very attractive to say the least. I opted to paint the whole thing in (you guessed it) Duck Egg Blue - my favorite color from the Annie Sloan collection. I'm still on my FIRST can; this stuff lasts forever.

My finishing technique is where I differed for this project. Instead on simply using the clear or dark wax (or a combination of the two) I created a mixture of dark wax and mineral spirits that I could easily paint onto the whole thing, wiping off the excess with and old T-shirt as I moved from part to part. After it dried, I replaced the knobs and bam!...a finished product that I love!

Note: This item is FOR SALE! If you're interested, please email us at themendednest@gmail.com!

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