Art Show at the Shaw Center

Ten years ago, downtown Baton Rouge was not much more than offices and mediocre "high rises". At 5:00 on Friday, downtown would shut down and stay quiet until Monday morning. However, over the past few years, Baton Rouge's downtown has started to become much more trendy with bars, restaurants, exhibits, and events (like "Live after Five") One place that has been there since 2005 is the Shaw Center located at 100 Lafayette St. The building itself is stunning and has no comparison in Baton Rouge (or any of the surrounding cities for that matter). It's the home of wonderful restaurants, museum spaces, and the Manship Theater. It really is a place you must go to if you ever visit the city.

Saturday night, Beau, Ryan, and I headed up to the Shaw Center's 5th floor (Louisiana State University Museum of Art) to enjoy Tearing Granite: The Sculpture of Jesus Moroles. We had a really good time meeting and talking to a lot of Ryan's coworkers, looking at the artist's work...and drinking wine and eating delish appetizers.

I wasn't REALLY sure if I was allowed to take pictures, so I kind of walked around trying to sneak pictures here and there. Such a nerd!

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