Jeri's Birthday!

Saturday night, my family drove over to Baton Rouge to our house to celebrate Jeri's birthday (Feb. 3rd)! I completely regret this decision in hindsight, but I told her that for her birthday, I wouldn't make everyone pause at random times (often while eating) so that I could snap a picture for something blog related. Per her request, I spent the evening just enjoying everyone's company and not stressing about TMN.

We had such a great time. We started with wine and a few appetizers - assorted cheeses, crackers, and olives (blue cheese stuff? talk dirty!) Afterwards, I grilled burgers which we ate with blue mac 'n cheese that I made from scratch. Since I didn't take pictures, I'm going to "have" to make it again. I'll share the recipe then. Just know that my mouth is watering as I'm thinking about it.

Point of the pictures: Jeri brought me this beautiful orchid as "just a little something" for hosting her birthday dinner at my house. I thought it was so beautiful - how could I not share?

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