Mended Art - Present for Jeri

Hi, Mended Nesters! All Jeri asked for this past Christmas was for us to create a piece of art to go over her buffet in the dining room. As usual, we waited until the last minute, so we started working on it just a few days before Dec. 25th. Beau and I went back and forth discussing different ideas and options, but we finally decided on what's displayed above. Just like Jeri, I'm SO pleased with the outcome. To be honest, I was a tap bit skeptical because this was really Beau's vision. I was there to just help bring his idea to fruition. Final product: fun and abstract, yet simple and chic. So here's what we did...

1. Cover a canvas in a collage made with different magazine clippings, tin foil, etc. (try to gear these around certain colors because they will show up through the paint). Cover with Mod Podge to keep it on the canvas.

2. To add texture, apply plaster to the canvas over the magazine clipping sporadically leaving gaps where the clippings show completely. There's no rhyme or reason to this part - do it however you want. Go a little crazy!

3. Once plaster is semi-dry, paint over everything with acrylic paint (Hobby Lobby, Walmart, etc.) Make sure it's a lighter color to keep your art light and fun - not dark, dreary, and heavy. I recommend applying a color around the edges then go over the whole thing in a white or off-white (which, when you apply will blend the color you used on the outside).

4. While still wet, make vertical lines using the other end of your paint brush. Make sure to apply enough pressure so that the original magazine collage shows through.

If you're interested in a custom piece of art similar to the one above, please email us for a quote at TheMendedNest@gmail.com. Talk to you soon!