Krewe of Mutts! (Recap)

Let me start by saying I am aware I've been posting a lot recently about the danes, so this will be the last one for a while. Promise.

Yesterday, Beau and I, along with our friends, Ryan and Johnny took Duke and Cooper to the Krewe of Mutts dog parade in downtown Baton Rouge. With bloody marys in hand, the six of us (including dogs) walked around looking at all the dogs dressed up in funny costumes and all the little puppies up for adoption. The weather was uncharacteristically beautiful, so it was the perfect day to walk around and enjoy ourselves. There were thousands of people there with every kind of dog you can imagine. Ryan kept making fun of us, because I think we stopped and chit chatted with every single great dane owner (as if we knew them) and let the dogs mingle (aka sniff butts).

I was very proud of both Duke and Cooper. They tend to be on the hyper side...especially when they get around other dogs. However, for the most part, they just walked around and took in the sights (except when Beau let Duke's leash go (to prove how good he is) and he took off running). People tried three different times to grab him as he ran by, but he would just dodge them and keep running. There were tons of people who are scared of a 160 lb. running towards them, so their reactions were funny. Keep in mind, Beau was running after him yelling his name. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life!

After that long day, both Duke and Cooper are POOPED. As I'm writing this post, they're both curled up by my feet completely passed out. Sweet danes.

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  1. LOVE this pic of y'all with the dogs.... looks like it should be in a magazine!