Mended Furniture - Provence!

How much do you love this color?? I've worked with it before, but because it's so bright, I usually dull it down a little by going over it with a mixture of gray or white and water. It's called Provence and is from the Annie Sloan Collection. Since this is a smaller piece, I decided to go all out with Provence and apply no paints over it. I really didn't even use too much dark wax. I applied the clear all over then went in the corners and applied a LITTLE dark over it. (the true color is most like the second picture)

I love the finished product. I think it's really funky and fun - it completely turns the piece (that was originally very traditional) into something that would fit right in to a more modern home - something with a lot of white (rug, bedspread, walls, etc) and lots of mirrored surfaces with clean, cool lines.

Note: this item is FOR SALE (and even at a discounted price!) The back of the table has a small piece of the back broken off. It's not obvious at all and is very easily disguised. If you're interested, please email us at TheMendedNest@gmail.com!

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