The Cask

One of the things I was REALLY looking forward to when I moved out here was having the chance to work (in person) with my good friend, Maureen. We've worked together at PRO @ EA for almost three years, but I was in Baton Rouge and she was here in California. Obviously we'd chat all day (J/K Matt and Rose) via IM, but it's just not as good a being in person. Well, when I told her I was moving she dropped the bomb that informed me that she I was actually replacing her here. She was leaving! #ugh #wtf #thischangeseverything

Well, since she lives so close we were able to get together in San Carlos at The Cask to enjoy fancy wines, cheeses, and spreads. I love downtown San Carlos - it's charming and quaint with surprisingly good shopping and eateries. We had so much fun catching up, gossiping, and (obviously) drinking. Luckily, since I have 11.5 days off for Christmas, we'll be able to do it again soon!

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