3 Cheese Pizza, Y'all

Making pizza really is one of the quickest, easiest, and most delicious meals a gay guy can make his senior citizen roommates you can make. Prep time is nearly nonexistent, clean up is effortless, and you look like kind-of-a-big-deal because it tastes so good. Even though I made pizza for Jernie (my roommates, Joan and Ernie) the other weekend, I thought I'd make it again so that Joan could take a break from the kitchen (even though I sort of asked her to make a soup to go with the pizza. Mission: Not accomplished)

This is one of my favorite pizza recipes and one of the easiest to make:

-boboli Wheat Crust
-olive oil
-diced garlic

-smoked gouda cheese
-extra sharp cheddar cheese
-mozzarella cheese
-one sliced roma tomato

-for 20 minutes @ 375-400 (depending on oven)

-tomato soup thickened with a little cellulite cream topped with a basil/pesto sauce

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