Roommate Dinner

My roommates, Joan and Ernie, have been cooking for me a lot as of late...as in every night. Joan is an amazing cook who whips up some delish eats on the regular(after proof reading this, that sounds completely idiotic, but I'm leaving it because I want you to see how I write before I think things through), but I thought she would enjoy a  break and let me cook for them. After giving it about a minutes thought, I decided to make them pizza. I needed something that was quick (and really more "assembling" rather than "cooking") since I don't get home until late from work after you factor in Caltrain and bike riding. (Plus Ernie and Joan seem to not be on an eating schedule that I would typically be on. I would normally eat around 9 or 10 when they (as most people I'm assuming) eat around 7.)

Crust: Boboli Wheat
Base: Olive oil, garlic, goat cheese
Top: sweet Italian sausage, red onions, rosemary, calamata olives, and mozzarella cheese

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