...A lot like Christmas

Every time I said I was excited about it, someone would comment on how much I was going to hate winter in NYC. They would say things like: "You think you're going to look cute, don't you? You won't. You'll look like ass just like everyone else." OR "Have you ever BEEN in NYC in the winter for longer than a week?" OR "You're going to be freezing with a million layers then how as hell in the subway and you're going to always have snot dripping from your frozen nose...". Fa la la la la. La la la la. I would always counter by saying I'd rather freeze my butt off than spend another hot/humid "winter" in Louisiana.

Well, good thing I basically did no shopping in NYC for winter gear before I moved. I'll be enjoying a winter wonderland on the other side of the country where I can look forward to cool crisp days and nice chilly nights, but nothing too extreme. No wait. That's summer. No...it's winter. Or wait...it's all year. Regardless, it's hard to not get in the holiday Christmas spirit regardless of the temperature (re: Louisiana) as long as lights are up, Christmas music is playing, and Starbucks is using their holiday cups.

The other night, I rode through downtown Mountain View in search of a new book after just finishing Tina Fey's Bossypants*. I rode my bike down, but when I got to the main street, I locked it up, got a coffee, and strolled around enjoying the season's decorations. I think it'll be a bit of a sad Christmas for me since I'm not going home this year, but I think it'll be one I'll never forget. I've enjoyed being alone, having time for reflection, and not feeling so anxious if I'm not constantly on-the-go. It's weird...but I like it.

*That's one of my I-moved-to-Cali-and-I-want-to-change-things-about-myself hobbies. I've always enjoyed reading, but found it difficult to find the time. Biking is another. Hanging out with Joan and Ernie would be a third.

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