I'm Sorry - Who the What?

This face says it all.

Over Thanksgiving, I was going to write a little post about how my dad went out and bought the-world's-best donuts from a local donut shoppery in my hometown of Covington, LA. I was excited because I had this excellent photo of all the fresh, warm, glazed donuts sitting there waiting to be devoured by me my family. Why that was exciting I'm not exactly sure. After writing (what I thought to be) a funny little post about how I'm a fat ass and I need to run blah blah, I went to upload the picture, but Blogger wouldn't let me. It displayed a message - something about how my Piscada album was full. Well, without giving it a second thought, I logged in and deleted the whole album.

I went about my business not thinking anything of it until I went to look up a recipe I had previously posted about. When I logged in, I found it a little odd that things like..say...the banner, buttons, and every single effing picture I had ever uploaded was a black box with a white "Mind the Gap" looking symbol (I don't know how else to describe it). Being the idiot...(no "idiot" is appropriate) that I am, I figured it had something to do with the fact that I was looking on my iPhone. When I got home and inspected the damage, there is no exaggeration that the picture above is a PERFECT representation of how I looked and felt at that moment. Similar to the feeling of getting punched in the ovaries right after taking a Jager-bomb while riding a roller coaster doing flips in a G6...and then crapping your pants. Or so I can imagine.

Not only was I furious at myself, but I was devastated to see the pictures from hundreds of posts simply vanish. Yes, I have the pictures stored on my computer, but having them on TMN (matched with the writing portion) basically told my life story. Vacations, DIY projects, Duke and Cooper, endless events, friends and family, recipes...and of course the filler posts. This obviously is a huge disappointment for me, but I'm trying to stay positive (or my medication is working) and I'm letting it roll off my sleeve. I can add the pictures back individually, so one long afternoon it'll be me, my computer, a decent WiFi connection, a vyvanse, 4 cups of coffee, and no human interaction for at least 8 hours. How exciting.

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