Lissa's Kitchen Set - Work in Progress

Happy Monday! Is it Friday yet?

So here, you can see that I blogged about this earlier; this is just a progress post. This is (obviously) a picture of the chairs that I'm working on that will go with the table and bench. I think that they're coming out beautifully. I used 3 coats of Annie Sloan's Old White to completely cover the chairs that were originally just a natural light wood. Afterward, I went over the chairs and sanded them pretty heavily, allowing a fair amount of the natural wood to show through. Because I wanted them to stay white, I didn't use any of the dark wax to seal - only the clear. Finally, I used a polycrylic to completely seal the chairs. I don't always to this, but since chairs get more abuse than an end table or dresser, I figured it could use the extra protection.

The finished product will be posted about later this week. Make sure to keep reading!

PS - please excuse my attire. I DO have short on, but they're those obnoxiously (bordering on offensively) short running shorts. I had just finished running the lakes before coming over.

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