My New Place (take 4)

One year ago, when I moved into my house on Capitol Heights, I thought I was finally done with moving. It's the biggest pain, it never goes as smoothly as you think, and there's always at least one unexpected something-or-other to make things worse than they already would be. What a joke. Since vacating my house, I've now completed my 4th move in ONE month. Thank God for wonderful, generous friends because that is who I've been leaning on. Thank you Patrick, Megan, and Michael for your hospitality while I got my life back in order! (Yes, I know that equals 3, not 4)

Last night (after a particularly long day at work then two client house calls for The Mended Nest) I moved for (hopefully) the last time for at least a few months. My Uncle Tommy was nice enough to let me move into his place, and I couldn't turn down the offer. Then of course, there's the added bonus that his house is extremely nice. It's completely my style: 12 foot ceilings, white walls and trim, dark floors, triple crown molding, super clean and simple. Since he works in NOLA and stays there frequently, I'll have the house to myself for a few nights out of the week. Well...me and his 4 dogs! I'm really looking forward to my time here. I'll have plenty of time and space to blare some music, pour a glass of wine/pop open a beer, and start on some Mended Furniture projects. It's morphin' relaxin' time!

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