Friday Finds - Archipelago (Stonehenge)

Friday is here! OMG it couldn't have come soon enough. This has been quite a week, but one thing that has kept me sane is this candle. Relaxing in my temporary apartment with a glass of wine, chill music, and this candle burning have done wonders. I LOVE the Archipelago line probably more than any other candle. Their scents fill up a room with ease, and they burn beautifully - not as smokey as Tyler candles for example. My favorite scent has always been Havana, but Jeri recently introduced this one (Stonehenge) to me. This may sound weird, but it kind of has a guy's apartment smell. No, not dirty laundry...just like...a manly scent? IDK. Either way - if you haven't checked out this line, I highly suggest it. They're amazing!

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