TOMS Shades

I've always been a Ray-Ban guy. I love their Aviators, Wayfarers (original and new), and Clubmasters because they're great looking, but most of all...classic. Looking back on pictures, it's so funny to see friends in big, diva Dolce & Gabbana or Gucci glasses that look completely ridiculous now....and probably then, too. Not the point of the post, though.

Patrick, one of my close friends/former land lord (long story) bought these TOMS glasses, and I have heard him get so many compliments on them. They're similar in style to Ray-Ban's New Wayfarers, but have that awesome detailing on the tips of the arms that Ray-Bans don't. I love the orange and tortoise shell, but they come in several colors. I know Patrick got his from Nordstroms, but I believe you can either order them from the TOMS website or locally from Noelie Harmon. Check them out!

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