BLEND's Opening Night

Last Monday night, I got the VIP treatment with a few of my friends as we were invited to the opening party at BLEND, the newest wine bar in Baton Rouge. I blogged about BLEND a few days ago when a few friends went to check it out before it opened. I have to say I was quite impressed. When it was converted from The Wine Loft into BLEND, several aesthetic improvements were made that now give the space a fun, unique-to-Baton Rouge look.

We were served an assortment of cheeses, chocolates, and teasers from the kitchen as well as the house's blend wines - one white and one red. Everything was delicious. According to Andy, one of the owners, they hired an amazing chef with fresh ideas and great taste. I'll second that.

If you haven't had a chance to go, I highly recommend you check it out. I can say it's a perfect place to bring a date. 
It's in the space where The Wine Loft was for years in downtown Baton Rouge (corner of Laurel and 3rd). Enjoy!

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