Brunch with Mariee' - Feelings Cafe

OMG, it's Monday already? UGH. At least I can relive yesterday at my desk over and over and over. Mariee', Jeri's mom took my cousin/basically brother, Alex and myself to Feelings Cafe in New Orleans for brunch. Alex and I are the two oldest grandchildren on my mom's side other than one other cousin who lives in London. The point is we had her to ourselves for a long time before my brother came along 5 years later. We have such a special relationship with her, and yesterday was the first time in a while we were all free to get together. The food, the drinks and the company were all top notch. We had an absolutely wonderful time.

Afterwards, Alex had to go play in a soccer game, so MawMaw and I had the afternoon to ourselves. First, we visited the house where she grew up on Music St. (below). According to her, it's totally different now with the colors and ornamentation, but either way it's a pretty cool old house. It's deceivingly small - it's camel back style, and the top portion in the back held 4 bedrooms. Not too shabby! We finished the day off by driving around New Orleans and doing a bunch of nothing. I loved it. Before we left the city to go back to the Northshore (Covington), we stopped for coffee and cannolis at Angelo Brocato's. OMG. If you've never been...GO! They make them fresh right in front of you, and it's hard to think of something better than fresh cannolis, coffee, and MawMaw.

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