Fresh Basil Hummus (Re-Post)

I decided to try to make hummus last night, and I'm glad I did because it came out BEAUTIFULLY! I should start by saying that I'm pretty much obsessed with any kind of hummus, but for my first attempt, I decided to try adding one of my other biggest food obsessions: basil. The idea was to try to make a sort of pesto-hummus, and I think I pretty much nailed it. 


- one can chickpeas (drained)
- 1 cup basil (packed)
- 3 pressed garlic cloves (I know, right?!)
- olive oil
- lemon juice (2 whole lemons)
- salt/pepper
- dash of cumin
- parmesan cheese (2 Tbs)
- dash of garlic powder

Simply put everything in your food processor and blend until proper consistency. I'm telling you, you're going to love this recipe. Obviously, this is perfect when hosting a dinner party or small gathering. I assure you, you'll really impress your guests by serving a homemade appetizer as opposed to something store bought. It'll give your dinner party that little something extra...which I'm sure it doesn't need.


  1. Which garlic press do you have?

  2. http://www.surlatable.com/search/searchContainer.jsp;jsessionid=3D9B9A8104E3D64A6C13DBDCB75D7B27?q=garlic%20press&s=true

    It's the OXO Garlic Press from Sur la Table. It was given to me as a gift from one of my best friends, Thanh. It's pretty amazing...as far as garlic presses go