Congratulations to my beautiful cousin, Lianne and her amazing fiancee, Doug! This past weekend, I went home to my parent's to enjoy a quiet weekend at home, but I was QUITE surprised to walk into an engagement party. It was actually pretty comical. Since it was a complete surprise, there were no cars in my parent's driveway. I walked into my house in work out clothes (sleeveless tee and all), glasses on, looking down, and on the phone and stop when I see more people than usual (not to mention the banner ("Congratulations Doug and Lianne") and food arrangements). I was so embarrassed, but whatevs. I took a quick shower, reintroduced myself to everyone, and got to drinking some champagne!

I don't want to share too much info about the actual engagement to preserve it's integrity, but just know that it was beautiful. I'm so happy for them both! Congrats!

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