Friday Finds: Champagne Flutes

Beau and I have decided to try something new for The Mended Nest: Friday Finds! We're constantly finding things that WE think are interesting, special, unique, or just cool and worth sharing. This is different than anything else we blog about, and the purpose it to help broaden our horizons and share new things with y'all that we haven't necessarily created. Hope you enjoy!

For my 25th birthday, a few different people got me bottles of champagne. The problem is that I (embarrassingly) have no champagne flutes! After doing a little research, I'm now officially obsessed with them, so I thought our first Friday Find could be about...the champagne flutes that we would kill for love!

For us, simple = better. Champagne emotes a sense of class and elegance, so please don't turn "class" to "klass" but using some funky/cheesy flutes! While costing between 3 and 20 dollars PER, some of these flutes are definitely an investment - but totally worth it! My ultimate favorites (and the ones I'll be ordering very soon) are the Edge Flutes from Crate&Barrel (3) or the Schott Zwiesel Pure Champagne Glass from Sur la Table (4). Instant obsessions. I love how they're classic, yet modern and interesting. However, we've added a few more classic flutes for the more traditional reader.

1. Pottery Barn Classic Stemless Flute (Monogrammed) 
2. CB2 Simplicity Flutes (only ~3 dollars per! - by FAR the best deal)
3. Crate&Barrel Edge Flute
4. Sur la Table Schott Zwiesel Pure Champagne Glass
5. Crate&Barrel Decade Flute (with vertical engravings - seems to be discontinued...)


  1. Kyle and I just received our very first gift from our registry and it is champagne flutes!! They are Kate Spade and I'm obsessed! I want to drink everything out of them haha.

    here is the link: http://www.katespade.com/grace-avenue-toasting-flute-pair/817599,default,pd.html?dwvar_817599_color=040&start=2&cgid=kate-spade&q=champagne%20flutes&navid=search

  2. In any events especially weddings, the ceremony is not completed without a pair of champagne flutes for a great toast. Sometimes, most of couples spends lots of their money to buy expensive pair of champagne flutes that they use for their very special day.