Purple Drink, Red Dress

This year, Beau and I participated in the 2011 RDR, and I have to say...we haven't had this much fun in a while! Along with our partners in crime, Johnny and Patrick, (as well as Ms. Holmberg) we stayed the whole weekend in NOLA. "Sponsored by the Hash House Harriers, a self-proclaimed "drinking club with a running problem," the Annual Red Dress Run through the French Quarter and downtown New Orleans is another of those uniquely New Orleans fun events that doubles as a fundraiser. It is open to men and women alike and though the concept originated as a charitable event to raise money for breast cancer research, it donates its proceeds to other charities as well." - Courtesy of neworleansonline.com. Truly, it's a pretty standard New Orleans event where thousands of people gather in the French Quarter to drink and party - the only difference is that it's done in a red dress.

A little background on our dresses: Beau and I went to the Dillard's in the Mall of Cortana - a place where old merchandise from the Dillard's in the Mall of Louisiana go to die. Needless to say - the selection was...curious, but more importantly SUPER cheap. We were able to snag our beauties for something like $25 bucks a piece - basically, it was more expensive to park my car PER night. They were huge hits, though. (I think people loved them because they were SO terrible!)

All in all, we had an amazing time, and we're already looking forward to next year's "run". We'll have to better prepare ourselves for it next time, though. Well...can you REALLY prepare yourself for too much Purple Drink, 100 degrees, thousands of people, and a sea of red dresses? Didn't think so!

Lastly, we'd like to thank Beau's cousin, Taylor for providing the pictures for this post. Beau and I completely forgot to bring the camera...again. Thanks, Taylor!

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