Keeping it Fresh

Fast food, frozen dinners, and take-out is such a huge part of so many young professionals' lives. Long hours at the office coupled with no real talent in the kitchen makes it super convenient for people to rush to eat (probably in front of the TV) last minute - and no one wants to spend time cooking after an exhausting day. Do we have an amazing fix-all solution? No. However, this is what WE do, and maybe it'll help get you away (at least partially) from that fast food crap.

It's actually pretty simple - just keep fresh ingredients around your house. It's easy to do by just picking up a few things here and there whenever you run into the store. For example, if you're running into the grocery to pick up some beer for "the game" (or wine for Project Runway), grab some avocados, cucumber, or tomatoes. Next time you have a craving for a snack, instead of pulling up to a drive-thru, just (for example) slice up some tomatoes and basil leaves, add a pinch of salt and pepper, and drizzle some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Still going to be hungry? - make a lot. You'll fill up - I promise. Doesn't that sounds better than frozen, then deep fried french fries, and then topped with a mayonnaise and cellulite based dressing?

The point is - it's not hard to whip up a fresh meal on the fly if you just have the right ingredients. I suggest always having the following on hand at all times:

- garlic - for everything

- tomatoes - EVOO, bal. vinegar, s/p
- bell pepper - dip in hummus!
- cucumber - same as bell pepper
- spinach - sauté and place over grilled chicken
- avocados (add to the tomato recipe)
- cilantro, basil, rosemary (plant yourself - much cheaper!)
- misc seasonal fruits

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