Cali Trip: Malibu

During our trip to California this past week, Beau and I stayed at Trent's (one of our best friend) apartment in West Hollywood. However, he made arrangements for us all to stay at his friend, Jerry's Malibu beachfront property the second night we were there in town, and as we were driving home from the airport Monday morning at 1am, Beau and I decided that our night in Malibu was our favorite part of the whole trip. We loved going out in LA, eating at amazing restaurants, and spending time with Beau's cousins, but Malibu was exactly what the both of us needed: rest, relaxation, beautiful weather, stunning views, and good company.

As you can see from the pictures, this house was amazing! It had everything from (multi) million dollar views to heated toilet seats - basically everything was perfect, and it was the epitome of rest and relaxation. When we first arrived, we spent a little time on the roof enjoying the views and soaking in the California sun. Then, we all took steam showers, changed into pajamas, and went down stairs to sip on cappuccinos - after opening the whole row of doors that overlook the ocean. Keep in mind, this is California, and not Louisiana, so opening the doors up (especially on the beach) means you need a light jacket...in August. Then, Jerry and Paul (Trent's other good friend) arrived, and that's when the food and wine began!

The four of us sipped on red wine and snacked on cheeses and grapes just before preparing a delicious steak dinner. I have to say - the food was stellar, but I think the company and the conversation may have been even better. Afterward, the five of us walked up to the roof to enjoy a small fire, and (of course) a little more wine before retiring off to bed. Can anyone say custom made silk blend sheets? In the morning, we lazily woke up, instantly prepared coffee, and cooked breakfast. On the menu: Homemade blubbery pancakes (with 100% maple syrup), assorted berries, bacon...and mimosas. Obviously. 

After brunch, Beau and I REALLY didn't want to leave, and I'm sure you can see why! Jerry, Paul, and Trent were so accommodating, generous, and fun, and Beau and I had such a wonderful time. 

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