Calandro's Supermarket

Is there anything worse than an over-due Saturday morning Walmart trip? I'll answer that question for you - NO. I understand that stores like Walmart, Target, and Sam's are necessary evils, but recently, Beau and I have been trying to support local supermarkets in Baton Rouge. Yes, these stores are notoriously a little pricier, but for us, it's completely worth it - I'll happily pay a little more not to have to look at "big box" trash (i.e. peopleofwalmart.com).

Since we've just moved into the Capital Heights neighborhood, Calanadro's Supermarket (located on Government between S. Foster and N. Acadian) is now our most convenient option. Open since 1941, this supermarket has perfected the art of helpful service coupled with a wide selection of fine wines, in-house prepared delicacies, and a stellar produce selection. Furthermore, if they don't have what you're looking for, Calandro's is more than happy to special order it for you.

One of my favorite parts about going to a local supermarket versus one of the Big Boxes is that the staff recognizes its regular patrons, and they're eager to engage in conversation. If fine this to be true with me, at least. That MAY be because I literally stop at Calandro's five days a week after the gym...not ONLY to get wine...sometimes I get an appetizer, too.


  1. Love that store! Also like going to Calvin's at Bocage when I am in town.

  2. Yes! Calvin's is awesome, too. Have you tried their chicken salad?