Before and After: Kitchen

The kitchen. For many people (including us), this is IT. This is the space where everything happens - THIS is where life is lived: gathering around to cook, converse, congregate, laugh, and love. Sitting around the island as mom or dad prepares meal after meal is something that both Beau and I can relate to, and with all this in mind, OUR kitchen is our most occupied and loved space in our house. We'll be updating this room until the day we move, so while while we say it's "done", we really mean for now. We'll be making several more improvements over the years, so you better stay tuned!

As you can see in the "before" pictures, the kitchen was a mess. It was a horrible shade of perwinckle, and had crap all over the place. Also, there was a hugh freezer right where Beau's desk is located that held all the animal remains that the previous owner hunted and killed...at least what wasn't mounted on our walls. And I'm sorry, but I hate every single knick knack or "decoration" above the cabinets. All of it. Either way, Beau and I made some necessary minor improvement which we hope you'll appreciate!

 - painted
 - touched up trim
 - installed new faucet
 - removed the dead animal freezer
 - new pulls for top drawers (crescent pulls replaces knobs)
 - alleviated the clutter

Obviously, we have a small kitchen with no island, but it is still the heart of our home. We love our improvements so far, and we hope something here inspires you!

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