Vacation Check List

At this time tomorrow, Beau and I will be somewhere between Louis Armstrong and LAX (in the air) en route to Los Angeles for VACATION! Beau and I have been together once before, and just as last time, we will be staying with one of our best friends, Trent. We're looking to some much needed R&R which will include dinner with Beau's cousins for his birthday as well as a mini Malubu get-away! Instead of sharing the specifics of what we have planned (we'll post about that next week), we thought it would be useful to post about the process of getting ready for vacation - sine we're in the middle of doing it.
The following is what we think are useful tips that can help get you ready for your next trip. Some are a pain, but definitely worth it...

1. (And always first) Make a list. It's nice to visualize your progress as so get things done.
2. Have all of your clothes washed - you'll have everything clean that you want to bring. Plus - whatever you don't bring will be clean and put away when you get back. (then pack)
3. Clean the house. There's nothing better than arriving home after a long trip to a spotless house.
4. Leave a key with someone for emergencies
5. Tell your bank you're traveling - nothing like a card you can't use on a trip b/c of fraud protection.
6. Over pack - obvious reasons. I REFUSE to be out of town without something b/c i wasn't sure if I was going to wear/use it.
7. Get all your medicines/toiletries ready the night before.
8. Get rid of perishable foods/take the trash out
9. Turn the air up before you go (up for us is warmer)There's no use in wasting energy on a cool house if no one is there to enjoy it.
11. Close the blinds/pull the curtains
12. Leave the porch lights on
13. Water the plants
14. Turn lights out - leaving on only a lamp of two
15. Have a great trip!

Hope this helps! Are you in the mood for a vacation now?

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