(Diet Coke) Floats

After getting home from my parents on Saturday, our friends, Mest (Megan Estey) and Tont (Tony) came over to catch up, hang out, and watch a movie. As you all know, Beau and I (as well as most of our friends) are a bunch of fatties, so of course we couldn't JUST watch a movie...we had to load up on treats, too! Since we had to run find a Redbox to rent the movie, stopped at a Walgreen's (of all places) in search of the perfect movie snacks. Obviously, we grabbed the necessities like popcorn and Reese's pieces, but after looking around, we decided to kick it up a notch: root beer floats!!...well - kind of.

In a attempt to avoid elastic waistbands, we tried to make the healthiest version of a root beer float we could think of: Diet Coke floats! Clearly, we used Diet Coke (0 calories) instead of root beer, and we used low calorie ice cream (100 calories per serving) instead of...well...the good stuff.

Either way, we had a GREAT time and still walked away with a waist line. Win/win.

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