Happy Friday, Y'all!

Usually on Fridays I'll take the late shuttle down to Redwood City for work. During the week, II get up at 6:30 in order to make the 7:15 bus, but Fridays are my day of rest and I'll take the late bus in leaving at 9:30. As today is Friday, I was planning on (and really looking forward to) sleeping in, but as I was falling asleep I remembered I have an early meeting today. #theworst

So to make things even better, this is weather I was greeted with as I stepped out of Korey's apartment: cold and humidity. I knew it was supposed to get into the low 70's today, so all I had to keep me warm was my jean jacket and LUCKILY the scarf I threw in my bag last minute. So - obviously jean on jean. I wore my favorite Levi's 511s that I had tailored in the calf for a slimmer fit and paired it with my Clark's Desert Boots and gingham J.Crew shirt

Obviously, I stopped at Philz for a crack coffee pick-me-up and warm-me-up.

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