Run to the Beach

So I do this great run every Saturday morning. I go from my apartment through the Golden Gate Park to the beach. Once there, I'll hang out...with myself, get a little sun, ans just relax. It's about 8 miles (I think) so afterwards, I can justify taking a break from working out/running on Sunday.

Well, yesterday after Korey and I went to brunch, he decided to go running to China beach and asked if I wanted to go with him. My legs were already sore and tired (I know - poor me, right?) but it was so nice outside I said eff it, I'll go.

After what I'm convinced was uphill 100% of the way for literally 30 about 4ish miles, we finally go to the beach. Per-fec-tion. OMG it was great. The skies were clear and the views were stunning. It was so nice to just relax and have time to talk about nothing between the two of us. Basically it was the best afternoon ever until I had to run (again 100% uphill) back to my apartment. I would say I can feel the burn this morning, but I can't feel shit. #nailedit

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