St. Patty's Day

Okay, so I'm used to a St. Patrick's day in Baton Rouge where I mentally prepare myself for a full day (8am - 8pm) of drinking, partying, and parading. This year in SF, let's just say I was not as prepared as I should have been. I was like, "Oh I'll be fiiiiine. We're not even getting out there until 4...". Yes well, all I had eaten that day was half of a large popcorn when Korey and I went to see "The Call" that morning...and a hotdog. Several Irish Car Bombs, Bloody Marys, and pitchers of beer later, let's just say I 2.0ed and called it a night (after a HUGE quesadilla) at like 10:45.

This was a really tough day for me. St. Patty's Day is one of my FAVORITE days to spend in BR. I was reminiscing big time thinking about Atrie's parties, the Garden District, my friends, and even BR in general. I'm excited for my trip home. August can't some soon enough.

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