Puppy Love

Recently, I've really been missing my two great danes, Duke (blue) and Cooper (fawn) more than usual. When I sold my house and eventually moved to NYC, I had no other option than to find them a home. Easily it was the hardest thing that I've been through - I loved those dogs more than words can explain. Now in SF, it seems like everyone I see is accompanied by a furry friend. Before I was a dog owner, I didn't get it, but if you do/did have a dog then you can totally relate when I say that there is no companionship like that of a loyal pup. In terms of both my living situation (such a small apartment) and how much time I'm away, there's absolutely no way I could get another dog now. So until then, I'll smile and watch all the dogs and their owners at Delores Park on weekends and keep reminding myself that one day, I'll be one of them again.

The picture directly above is me with Rugby, one of my SF friend's dog. SO SWEET!

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