The Color Run

Busted clown tranny. This is really the best way that I can describe how we, Team Jock (and all others who participated in the color run) looked by the time we got to the finish line. It was so much fun, and if you've never participated, I couldn't recommend it more. Long story short, you go wearing all white. Everyone gets a packet full of colored powder which everyone throws in the air at the end of the race making a rainbow cloud covering all participants. That's after you run through the colored checkpoints where race volunteers throw the corresponding color on all the runners passing through.

So imagine me looking like this and of course not changing as I ran my errands. Friends know that I'm not one to change out of my running shorts (with 1/2 inch inseams) or pants (aka tights) after running before heading to to do whatever-I'm-doing around town. Before heading to the bars to meet the rest of Team Jock for a few beers, I had to stop by the post office to ship a few boxes. The bus driver that got me there, all passengers, everyone I passed in the streets, and everyone in the post office was thinking (and some saying) OMG WTF. It's one thing to be in a group looking like this. People ten to assume its for something. Alone, people tend to a) stare b) cover their children's eyes and run c) hand me some change saying, "Don't worry. It gets better".

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