The Grove

Yesterday, my friend and coworker, Laura, flew to from Austin to SF to spend a week here at this facility to meet a bunch on onsite managers. Trust me when I tell you that after work she desperately needed a keg beer. Our commute from Redwood Shores (where we work) to San Francisco was cut in a third since I wasn't on the bus, so we made is there with plenty of daylight left (first day back to work since the time change and I'm obsessed - other than having to wake up in pitch black darkness).

When she asked where a good place to grab a few drinks was, I honestly didn't know what to say. Since moving here, it's been dark when I finally get home which kind of kills the fun of exploring the city. On the weekends, I usually stay around Castro or The Mission. I was like, "Okay this is ridiculous. I'm finding us somewhere to go". After doing a little research and consulting with friends, I decided on The Grove, located in Lower Pacific Heights. I had actually been here before my first weekend in the city, but I had completely forgotten about it.

Patio seating, beer on tap, good food, unique decor. Sold.

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